Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What expertise can Inquil' Solutions provide for my company ?

            If you are a clinical laboratory engaged in intensive laboratory research while carrying out clinical trials regularly, it is imperative for you to ensure that schedules and plans for laboratory procedures and inventory maintenance are adhered to and updated promptly. Keeping the procedures within the lab on schedule requires

  • not only documenting and accessing laboratory status on a regular basis, but also
  • setting up a process for exchange of information between different laboratory technicians.

             Inquil' Solutions specializes in understanding the technology and management demands accompanying such requirements. We have capability in identifying the best technology solution for your laboratory, as well as fulfilling the operational and planning needs of your laboratory.

            Our expertise in technology stems from wide experience in analysis of the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) and ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) markets, as well as extensive interaction with prospective clients for these software products.

            Our expertise in implementing the operations and plans of clinical laboratories results from our experience in setting up courier services from the laboratory to the subjects undergoing the study. Not only do we help laboratories outsource their delivery needs, but we also ensure that the delivery services integrate coherently with their laboratory operations. This requires anticipating the scheduling needs of the labs, re-planning allocation of resources and providing on-time response to daily requests.

            Our expertise in clinical trials project management comes from our active role in setting up bar-coding and tracking equipment for various clinical laboratories.

  • What specific tools does Inquil' Solutions use to maximize the value of its services?

     (1) Inquil has developed web-based software tools for logistics planning and scheduling for clinical trials. Planning and scheduling tasks within the lab as well as with subjects engaged in the project requires interactive, web-based scheduling and re-scheduling technology developed by Inquil. Re-scheduling tasks is challenging because of multiple constraints in every person's schedule as well as various clinical trial protocols specific to each project.

  (2) Inquil has developed technologies for reporting status of activities in an efficient and timely manner. These technologies are implemented for both web-based and voice-based platforms. The complex nature of clinical lab operations results in a large number of occasions where the different participants in the clinical trial, from the coordinators, to the lab managers and study subjects, need to alert a large number of people regarding specific events. Inquil has developed technologies that facilitate these reporting tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

(3) Inquil has established clinical trial data management systems : Since different members of the clinical labs need to access, update and evaluate the laboratory experiment data in different locations, at different times, and often concurrently, data handling becomes as critical as data storage. Data can exist in different file formats and databases. Data exchange between local repositories and a centralized database system becomes complex. Inquil has developed technologies to address the different issues of data handling, tracking, and analysis.

  • How does Inquil aim to collaborate with all its different partners?

    Inquil''s has developed strong collaborative relationships with companies focused on telephony, laboratory management, document management, web-based messaging systems, and specimen tracking solutions. Inquil has integrated the functionality of these companies into its products and thus aims to bring complete solutions to its customers on a regular basis.
  • What are some of the significant achievements of Inquil' Solutions in the recent past?

    Inquil' has been able to provide courier services with third party logistics planning to labs conducting clinical trials. Laboratories have utilized Inquil's services for ensuring glitch-free transportation of perishable and time-sensitive materials between different locations. Large studies with as much as 150 concurrent subjects have been carried out without hiccups and with complete visibility to the engaged labs. Inqul has

    Inquil' has been able to monitor inventory of different products that need to be distributed in the process of conducting these trials. Studies involving multiple labs serving as distribution centers have been able to coordinate their inventory management activities using web-based tools provided by Inquil.

    Inquil' has played a major role in achieving subject retention for the studies because it has used its tools to track down the progress of different subjects on a regular basis. Its voice-based tools have been used by labs to alert subjects about their schedules, so they do not miss their appointments.